This service is aimed at creating an active online presence for your organization, school, church, business etc… on the largest video-sharing website: YouTube.


This service will offer
Video recording and editing services
Upload of edited video contents to created channel
Live streaming of special events, functions, product review etc…


As a religious organization:

  • Live streaming of special occasions like wedding, anniversary, conventions, musical concerts, Apostolic/Bishopric Consecration, Project Commissioning etc…
  • Live/Recorded counseling and prayer sessions
  • Daily motivational Videos
  • Regular interviews with the Spiritual Head.

As an Educational Organization:

  • Online archive of excellent achievements and activities of pupils/students.
  • It will help Entertain, educate and connect to parents outside school hours
  • Parents will have an insight into special activities carried out by their kids during school hours
  • Live streaming or recording of  extra-curricular activities and PTA meetings
  • Announcements of special dates and events.

As a Business Establishment:

  • This service will create an online form of advertisement to your business.
  • Increase client base and profit margin
  • Availability to investors online
  • Show off business expertise
  • interview sessions with our media team
  • Personalized feel of every edited and uploaded contents
  • Awareness on new products and services

            As a Modeling Agency:

  • Creating an online presence for your agency and models.
  • Recording or live streaming of model auditions
  • Availability of agency to fashion brands outside target audience
  • Recording, editing and upload of visual model portfolio
  • Live streaming of fashion events and runway shows
  • Online model portfolio creation
  • Special interview sessions with our media team
  • Increased patronage and partnership with fashion brands.

           As a Fashion Brand:

  • Online availability of your fashion brand
  • Increased client base and profit margin
  • Availability to investors
  • Recording and uploads of new designs and projects
  • Special interview sessions with our media team
  • Live streaming of events of choice.