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Automated Call Attendants

The auto call attendants are also virtual receptionists; They are like human customer care agents, just with computerized telephone systems that allow the customers to interact with the company online.

Our customized Automated Attendants allow callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a receptionist; significantly reducing labour costs without affecting your client’s experience.

Our Automated Attendant Systems can be used for:

  • Automated outbound calling
  • Caller ID logging
  • Scaling to hundreds of lines
  • Automatic message forwarding
  • Remote access to voicemail
  • Automatic call recording

The auto attendants give your business a more professional,corporate and organized view.

  • As a school, the different voice prompts will be redirected to different sections of the school, say the registry or bursary or whatever section of the school you decide to put on the dial.
  • As a hospital, it works for you as well. You can have the pharmacy or even emergency on the dial. Customers & Patients could just be one tone away from the answers to their questions or requests.
  • If you are a shopping business, even better! You can have a number which redirects the customer to lost and found properties, return of goods, collection of their goods or delivery of their goods from your store.
  • It is important for all sectors of business and the economy.


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