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Voice 2 Voice | Text 2 Voice | Data 2 Voice

This solution is centered around communication systems designed to manage the disemination of information and data. Interactions are entirely private and any info provided is only available to an authorised personnel.

With this, costs incurred on collection, sales, inquiries and client-services, to name a few, can be monitored, explored and reduced for greater profitability.

The number of applications offered by us for different IVR System solutions is limitless. Our systems are completely customizable, meaning that information requested by your customer can be automated in response to specific queries.

With this solution, all IVR Scripts and Call Flows are tailor-made for your business, providing your clients with convenient, Highly Accessible information. Clients are free to call the office at their own convenience, without worrying about hours of operation.

We can help in providing a range of services like:

  • Information on Customer Accounts
  • Account Balances
  • Information on Transfers
  • Automated Account Payment Systems

We ensure that all our Systems are ingrained with functionality that addresses:

  • Facility of Notifications in an Emergency
  • Call-Center Facility and Capabilities
  • Availing Status of Orders
  • Tracking Orders
  • Tracking Packages

Our Auto Information Solution can help you save Thousands in Costs. We also provide your business with Voice Messaging Capabilities, a PBX System, Call Routing, Call Recording, Bill Pay Reminders, Sales Calls, Appointment Confirmations, Market Surveys and Voicemail.

We provide the latest IVR Technology at affordable rates. Dozens of reputed companies are successfully utilizing our Solutions and saving thousands through the use of our innovative Technology.

Here are some other areas our solutions are used:

  • As a hospital or Laboratory, your patients don't have to come back to your hospital for test results, they are given access codes with which they can have their test results relayed to them over the phone.
  • A property sales person or estate manager could also have few details of their properties recorded and the customers can hear all about them and make decisions concerning what they want without even leaving the comfort of their homes.
  • A school could also have basic information like resumption dates, matriculation date, convocation dates and other requirements saved so all the students and their guardians can easily be informed.

We’re Trusted by Over 200 Happy Customers and millions of Callers

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